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NZ Herald's Innovation Nation features RD

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In a recent series, NZ Herald looks at how technology is changing the way New Zealand businesses operate. As such, they reached out to our RD team in NZ to see how we are using virtual reality as part of our design process, and our Mico bathrooms project is the perfect example.

At RD, we like to take our clients on the journey with us from start to finish, instead of the traditional 'ta-da!, here's your completed design, we hope you like it'. Once the brief was finalised, we worked through the various stages of a new store fit-out with Mico, and here's a little sneak peak behind the scenes for you (which led to us being featured in the Herald!).

  • Mood-board exploration and design visual
  • Bringing designs to life through virtual reality. Check out the below walk through of Micos' project ...
  • Manufacture of fixtures in RD's factory .. including the modular design steel cubicles - a key element of this design which allows Mico flexibility to create different environments to display their bathroom fixture
  • Project management and fit-out

This new retail environment has been a game changer for our client in New Zealand, including significant increase in sales thanks to the new look and feel.

View images of the completed store environment HERE

And you can watch/read the NZ Herald feature HERE

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