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The future of retail

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When some of the nation's biggest brand leaders get together, engaging, open, honest and insightful conversations occur, and RD were stoked to have been able to host such a session to discuss the future of retail.

By working across vast industries, internationally and nationally, our team can accumulate and impart with our clients our unique insights and learnings. We pride ourselves on creating trusted and transparent relationships with all those we work with. Thanks to this value, we are in an exciting position to be able to facilitate these discussions and to share with you the following key take outs;

  • The requirement to deliver on corporate social responsibility, sustainability, health and safety will become significantly more important, and delivery of this starts with the fundamentals of design
  • Mobile technology in the retail space is key in terms of delivering product information to consumers in a manner that is timely and convenient for them to digest
  • Truly ‘embedding’ technology in the retail environment, including digital signage and relevant content creation integration, will be defining factors of a well executed experience when the content and delivery method is relevant
  • Desire to focus on employee well-being, training, empowerment, and technology adaption to minimise their mundane tasks; allowing them to engage with customers, which will ultimately lead to a better customer experience in-store
  • There is a need for a more flexible approach to fit-out. Ability to re-purpose retail space, and delivery within large/small footprints nationwide
  • Data capture from consumers; creating a proposition where consumers engage and willingly share their information, ensuring accurate interpretation of this data, and understanding how best to use this information to drive positive results for customer engagement, brand loyalty and revenue growth
  • Creating a value-add in-store to drive repeat visits; an ‘experience’, personalisation, and to encourage share-ability through social media
  • Seamless connectivity across all platforms, both in-store and online
  • Traditional Australasian retailers need to start collaborating more to fend off the likes of Amazon, Google and category disruptors

So how can RD help you with your future retail projects you ask? 
Because we can deliver your project thanks to our unique end-to-end offer, our industry experience and our highly skilled designers, project managers and craftspeople!

We specialise in design engineering, creating solutions for project delivery that is bespoke and fit-for-purpose .. and suitable for nationwide rollouts.
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